Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Jamie's New Strip Club Job

By MrGrey

Part 1

"Oh God, oh God, oh God," Jamie Buske whispered to herself, crying.
She was sitting on a bench in the park. It was the only place she could think of
to go. Jamie is a pretty red head, nice figure. She's wearing a business suit.
"Cutbacks...cutbacks..." she repeated it to herself, almost not believing the
meaning of the word. The word seemed like some kind of a curse on her. Her
whole life had changed an hour ago. And now, here she was, in the park in the
middle of the afternoon, wondering how she was going to break the news to her
daughter that she had lost her job. "Oh...what am I gonna do?"
She stood up, almost getting run over by a jogger hurrying past her. She
dragged her feet down the cobblestone path and out of the park. The droning of
car engines filled the streets in the city. She was surrounded by tall
skyscrapers, one of which housed the law firm she was recently "let go" from.
Jamie waited for the light to change as her and a herd of other people crossed
the street.
Everyone seemed so...alive. She felt terrible, like she didn't matter. Amy
would be so disappointed. Jamie dreaded going home to her. She dreaded
going home to tell her only daughter they would have a very limited Christmas
this year. And, if she knew where he was, she knew her ex-husband wouldn't be
able to do anything. She was lucky to get child support until Amy turned 18.
Since then, he's just kind of disappeared, but that's probably for the best.
Before she realized it, she had reached the parking lot. Her car was
already packed of all her desk supplies. Jamie climbed in and started home.
Upon arriving at their block, Jamie noticed a new business opening across from
her building. It had tinted windows and a big red sign out front that said: NOW
HIRING. She knew this was an important discovery, but she was a little too
depressed to seek a new job on her first day of unemployment. She stored it in
the back of her mind, reminding herself to check it out tomorrow morning.
She pulled into the parking garage, climbing to the fourth level and found
her usual space. She climbed out, grabbing the small box of her things and
walked toward the entrance, head hung low. Normally, she'd still be in the
office, working her butt off. But, here it was only noon, and she was already
home. The exited the garage and entered the long hallway toward her
Ms. Henderson, the nice old lady that lived next to her, was walking out of
her own apartment and saw Jamie coming. "Why, hello Jamie!" she said
cheerfully, "Home early today?" Ms. Henderson was always in high spirits. She
lived alone, but Jamie and Amy always kept her company.
"Hi Wilma...yeah."
Ms. Henderson obviously saw that Jamie was not doing well, "Is
something the matter?"
Jamie figured she couldn't hide it forever, "Actually...yes." Bursting into
tears, she explained how she was laid off today. Try as she might, Wilma
Henderson was unable to make Jamie feel better. But she did try. After a short
dramatic session, Ms. Henderson wished Jamie the best and they parted.
Then, finally, Jamie was home. Apartment 413. Home sweet home.
Unlocking the door, she wondered if she would still be able to afford it after
today. There were still savings in the bank, but they wouldn't last forever.
The apartment was empty and quiet. Looking around, she finally
appreciated everything they had, the nice TV, the computer...even the
microwave. Jamie bought all these things when they moved into this apartment
three years ago. They were bought with the money her secretary job had
provided. Now, that job was nonexistent.
"I can't do this..." she said to herself, placing the box on the computer
desk. The afternoon went by pretty slow. She fixed a small lunch, sat around
watching soaps (which she never could do before) and basically just waited for
Amy. She was at school right now. Preparing herself for the life ahead of her.
Thinking of this made Jamie angry. What life? The life that someone just
decides to ruin because some rich assholes are spending too much money on
hookers and other exotic luxuries? What a joke... Cutbacks...
Then, the door opened. Jamie calmed herself down as Amy came
walking in, book bag hanging off of one shoulder. Amy's red hair was pulled
back in a ponytail. She was wearing one of her typical turtleneck sweaters.
Jamie always thought of her daughter as the most beautiful girl in the city, but,
then again, what mother didn't? Amy turned around to find her mother sitting on
the couch. Her eyes widened a bit, wondering what was going on, then she
smiled, "Hey mom! Take the day off?"
Jamie didn't smile back, but rather scooted over on the couch, making
room for Amy, "No honey, come sit with me. We need to talk..."

Amy took the news rather easily. She was such a smart girl. She calmed
her mother down, who once again started crying, and told her how everything
was going to be okay. Amy offered to get a job herself, but Jamie told her that
wouldn't be necessary, because she was determined to find a new job, a better
job, and make things right again. They hugged, and went about their day as if
nothing happened.
Amy and her mother were very close. They had been living alone
together for several years now since her father ran off with some pretty blonde.
She rarely spoke to him anymore. Her past birthday had passed without a call
from him, so she just gave up on him.
She came walking out of her room to find her mother on the couch,
looking through the newspaper. Amy had been doing her homework. Jamie
looked up and smiled, "Hey hon. All finished?"
"Yep," Amy flopped down on the couch next her mom, "How bout you?"
Jamie just scoffed and looked up at her daughter like she was crazy, "You
kidding? There's nothing out there."
Amy laid her head in her mothers lap, "I'm sure you'll find something,
Mom." Jamie kissed her daughters head and continuing looking. They sat their
for about half an hour, then Amy sat up and told her she was going to bed. They
kissed again and Amy retreated back to her room.
Jamie sat alone in the living room for another hour or so. She flipped
through the TV for a while, never really watching anything, before she gave in to
her fatigue. It had been a long day.

Jamie was peacefully asleep when she was startled awake. She bolted
upright in bed, making perky breasts bounce out of her nightie. She adjusted
herself and looked around at what had awakened her.
She almost didn't notice it, but her entire room was now bright red! "What
the..." she said to the empty room. She realized it was from a light from outside.
Her window was open, and through it a glowing red light was illuminating her
room. She spun around onto her knees and crawled to the window overlooking
her bed. Her nightie rode up her back, exposing her naked bottom.
Anticipation gripped her as she peered out the window. She was
appalled by what she saw...


"My God..." she almost couldn't believe what she was looking at, "Some
nasty strip club opened up right across from my home!" A huge neon sign with a
cat in shades smoking a cigar was shining into her room. This was horrible!
She couldn't allow her daughter to live in a place like this. After all, this was
supposed to be the good part of the city.
"That must've been the place that was hiring before," she muttered to
herself, "Guess I can forget about that now..." She pulled the curtains down,
blocking the horrible red glow, and spun back around to lay her head back on
the pillow.
As she began to drift off to sleep, she faintly heard a slow beat coming
from outside. Obviously, the club was now open for business and the soft sound
of techno music creeped Jamie's ears. At first, this aggravated her even further,
but after awhile, the rhythmic thumping became almost hypnotic as it sent Jamie
off to sleep.

Dreams of naked bodies and erotic scenarios filled her head that night.
She unconsciously pulled the covers off of her in the night and began rubbing
herself. Jamie pulled her nightie up and buried her hand in her crotch.
In her mind, flashing lights surrounded her. Even thought she couldn't
see, she knew there were people out there, watching her. They were yelling at
her, laughing, and saying all sorts of terrible things. The worst part was that she
was naked.
She felt so vulnerable and weak. Jamie knew there was nothing she
could do. She was trapped here. But...there was something about it that excited
her. In her bed, Jamie picked up her pace, working on her clit. She ran her
hand up her side and cupped her breast. Running her fingers over her nipples,
she could feel it coming. Her legs spread out further and she brought her other
hand down on herself and began fingering herself in her sleep.
In her dream, she was embarrassed. She was ashamed. Everyone was
gawking at her and pointing. She tried to cover herself up, but something was
stopping her. She just wondered around. The lights were pointed at her,
following her wherever she went.
Then, she was cumming. She moaned softly in her sleep and her hips
bucked to her orgasm. It seemed to never stop as she continued rubbing.
Jamie gradually slowed down as the orgasm faded away. Then, it was over.
She didn't even wake up. Jamie rolled over to her side and slept better than she
had slept in years.

The sun slowly crept up, filling Jamie's room. She was curled up in the
bed, nightie still pulled up to her back. She felt the warm light on her ass and
stirred. She breathed in deep and rolled over on her back, opening her eyes.
Jamie felt...different. It was good. Apart from having the best sleep of her
life, she felt like a new woman. She sat up in bed, stretched, and smiled to
Her lazy eyes were barely open and still adjusting to the morning light, but
she stumbled to the bathroom. She stopped to admire herself in the mirror. I am
a pretty woman, she thought, grinning at herself, I'm not going to have any
problem getting a job.
Jamie walked out of her room, passed by Amy's, and found her way to the
kitchen. It felt a little weird not going to work today, but Jamie was feeling a little
more confident than yesterday. For some reason, she just knew everything
would work out.
Amy was away at school, so Jamie had the whole house to herself. She
fixed breakfast, watched some morning talk shows, and showered. She put a
towel around her and went to look for an outfit. She decided she should look
her best today. Because today...she was getting a job. She decided not to go
with her normal conservative wear. Jamie normally wore business suits to work.
But, she thought a better first impression might not be with a "business-look".
She picked out a nice, cleavage-revealing blouse and a long skirt. Jamie figured
a more casual look would look better.
She grabbed her purse and walked out of her apartment, heading toward
the elevator. She went to the ground floor and walked out onto the street. She
didn't feel like driving today. Instead, she walked directly toward The Kitty Cat
Jamie crossed the street and walked up to the front doors, then stopped.
A look of concern crossed her face. Why did I come here? she wondered.
Wasn't this a strip club? The windows were all tinted, so she couldn't see
inside. Jamie gathered all her courage and opened the door, then walked
She entered a small room. It was very dark in there. No windows or
anything. When her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she saw another door with a
tall man in shades standing by it. "Can I help you?" he said with a grin. Must be
the bouncer, she thought.
"I--uh, no thank you," she said nervously, then slipped back out the door.
She was back on the street, and out of breath. What am I doing? I can't work at
a strip club! I'm against anything like that! she scolded herself. Jamie was very
confused. Something was making her want to come here. It was as if she
wasn't thinking clearly.
Then, the thought of Amy entered her mind. She had to find a job. No
matter what it was. Desperate times call for desperate measures... she thought,
then slowly walked back to the entrance.
Once again, she walked into the dark room. She looked around, waiting
for the light to adjust. She heard the man again, almost laughing to himself,
"Ma'am, can I help you?"
She slowly walked over to him, "Um...yes. I--uh...I need a job," she
laughed nervously, trying to sound relaxed, "But You
know? Do you guys a secretary or something? Computer work?
That's what I'm really good at."
The man laughed and reached for the doorknob for the door he was
guarding, "I think you'll find what you're looking for right though here..."
He opened the door. Jamie almost knocked back by the suddenly blast of
sound coming from the club. She couldn't hear the music before, but when that
door opened, a steady techno beat came out. Jamie was surprised that it wasn't
hurting her ears. In fact, it kind of calmed her.
She could barely see anything through the door, but the tall man waved
her in and she nervously walked through. A thick cloud of smoke hung in the air.
Jamie normally hated cigarettes and cigars, but, this time, it didn't bother her.
Strange... she thought. She didn't think about it for very long. Her attention was
too entangled by her surroundings. Spotlights spun around the different stages.
A few girls were dancing for several small groups of men. Most of the men
weren't even watching, they just sat there and sipped their drinks. There was a
bar to her right with a young man behind it. He stopped mixing his drink and
looked up at Jamie and smiled. She flinched away, not wanting to make eye
contact with anyone.
She began to get scared. What the hell am I doing here? she wondered.
But, her worries went away when she heard a voice behind her. "Well, hello
Jamie spun around and was faced with a woman wearing a sparkling
black dress. She had jet-black short hair and had a long cigarette in her mouth.
She took a drag, lifted her head up and blew a plume of smoke in the air. "You
must be the girl Maynard was talking about."
Who? Jamie thought, but then figured that must be the tall man.
"Uh...yes, I guess I am." She smiled, trying to be pleasant. But, this woman did
not seem very pleasant. First of all, she had on too much make-up. She may
have thought that made her look attractive or something. Jamie could only look
at her and wonder what attractive means to her. Also, that damn cigarette going
back and forth from her lips. There was nothing Jamie hated more than women
smokers. It just seemed so...unladylike.
The woman took Jamie's arm and led her to the bar. "So, you'd like a
job?" She sat down, motioning for Jamie to do the same.
Jamie did as she was told, not wanting to be rude. "Yes, I would." The
woman didn't say anything. Jamie tried to keep the casualness going, so she
continued talking. "You see, I was fired--well, they don't actually use that term,
that'd be too honest...I was "let go" from my job yesterday. Now, I desperately
need a place to work. I'll take anything."
The woman grinned at Jamie. She took another drag from her cigarette,
turned her neck and exhaled, but not taking her eyes off Jamie. "Good. We
could use another girl. We just opened up and we have kind of a small staff."
The woman began to get up, but Jamie stopped her, "Wait...I--
uh...another girl?" The woman said nothing. "You don't mean you. Cause, I'm not here for a job as a dancer. I just want
a desk job or something. Surely you guys have phones here. And paperwork..."
The woman laughed and looked at the bartender. He joined her. Jamie
looked back and forth between them, wondering what the joke was. The woman
gently touched Jamie's arm and motioned for her to follow her. She led Jamie
down a dark, smoky hallway. Her right hand held her cigarette, palm up, as the
other rested on her hip. Her ass shook back and forth hypnotically as she
walked. At the end of the hall was a small office. The name Jacquelyn Kent was
on the door. "Please have a seat, honey."
Once again, Jamie did as she was told. "Um, Ms. Kent--?"
"Quiet," Ms. Kent held her hand gently up to Jamie's mouth, closing it.
She gracefully walked over to her desk and picked up a remote control. She hit
the button and a soft, trance-like music came on. Jamie looked around for
speakers, or a stereo, but could find neither. This is quite a high-tech place, she
thought. The music had a slow beat to it with a droning sound in the
background. It was kind of relaxing... "Now..." Ms. Kent began to speak, but
stopped and looked at Jamie, as if she wanted her to complete the sentence.
Suddenly, Jamie knew what she was waiting for, "OH! It's...uh, Jamie.
"That's quite alright, darling. Now....Jamie. You say you want a job here,
Jamie nodded her head, "Right."
Ms. Kent sat behind her desk and tapped her cigarette in a small black
ashtray. "But, you say you don't want to be a dancer?"
Once again, Jamie nodded. This time she added a smile.
"Honey, that's all wrong." Jamie's smile dropped. "Jamie, if you want to
support your daughter..."
"Amy. Jamie, if you want to support Amy, the perfect way to
do it."
Jamie shook her head slowly and laughed a bit, "Ms. Kent, I don't think--"
"That's just it," she interrupted softly, "You think too much."
Jamie didn't understand what she was trying to get at, "Wha--"
"You think too much, Jamie. Wouldn't it be nicer to just...let those
thoughts go? Just do what your heart wants?"
Jamie thought about this. Maybe she's right...she thought. She'd tried to
tell herself that this was crazy, but her thoughts were getting a little foggy.
"Listen to me Jamie," Ms. Kent stood up and walked around her desk and
leaned against it across from Jamie, "Look into my eyes." Jamie couldn't help
herself. This woman was so convincing. "Just listen to the music..."
It is pretty music, Jamie thought. Her head tilted to the side and her
mouth began to hang. All she could do look at Jacquelyn Kent's eyes. She
couldn't believe she didn't notice before how beautiful they were. Jamie was
losing herself in them.
"Jamie, you should be a dancer for my club," she smiled at Jamie. She
ran her fingers down the side of Jamie's face and cupped her chin in her hand.
"Doesn't that sound good? Jamie, the Kitty Cat Club stripper." The music
continued it's relaxing beat, it seemed to go on forever...
Yes...stripper..., Jamie thought dreamily. Suddenly, her eyes fluttered
and she snapped out of her daze. "Oh my...I--uh, I don't think so, Ms. Kent. I'm
sorry." She picked up her purse, stood up and backed away toward the door.
"You have a lovely place here, but...I really don't think it's for me. Sorry." With
that said, she opened the door and stepped out.
Jacquelyn took another drag from her cigarette and blew it out. She
pressed it into the ashtray and stood staring at the door. Then, a smile crossed
her face.

Jamie emerged from the Kitty Cat Club to find that it was already dark.
"What the f--" It was early afternoon when she went in there. How long was I in
there? she wondered. Her head was still fuzzy, like she had just woken up.
She stumbled across the street and walked back into her apartment
building. The elevator seemed to take forever. For some reason, she was in a
hurry to get to her apartment. She felt...vulnerable for some reason.
She finally reached her apartment and found it already unlocked.
Walking in, she found Amy lying on the couch. "Hey mom." She noticed Amy
was wearing a shorter skirt than she normally wear. Normally, Jamie was lecture
her about it, but she figured she was just trying something new.
"Hey honey, how long have you been home?"
She was flipping through the channels, not even looking up to answer her,
"A few hours. Where have you been? Job searching?"
Jamie nodded her head and placed her purse on the kitchen counter.
"Any luck?"
Jamie's thoughts were still floating around, like her brain had started
break away before, and now she was gathering the pieces again, "What honey?"
Amy looked up at her mom, "I said, any luck. Are you okay mom?"
"Oh. Oh, no. I mean, yes, I'm fine. But no luck," she gave her daughter a
reassuring smile and cooked them a small dinner.

That night, Jamie's dreams returned. The red light from the Kitty Cat Club
sign was still shining brightly in Jamie's room, but she had drawn the curtains
before getting to bed. But, the music was still seeping into her brain...
This time, she could see men surrounding her. They were shaking their
hands in the air, whistling, and shouting all sorts of rude comments to her.
Except, this time, Jamie wasn't scared.
She slowly shook her hips back and forth, rubbing her hands from her
chest down to her thighs. A gold bar stretched from ceiling to floor and she
grabbed hold of it, whipping herself around it. She planted her foot as the base
of the pole and spun herself around and around, before stopping herself and
dragging her crotch down the length of the pole.
In her bed, Jamie cupped her breasts, gently squeezing them. Her hips
slid back and forth across the bed. Her hands found their way down to her crotch
as she began rubbing herself like last night. She could feel the cold metal from
the pole on herself.
In her dream, her gyrations began to speed up as she rubbed herself
harder against the pole. The men were getting more and more excited. She put
her hand behind her head and held onto the pole with the other.
She rubbed herself harder and faster until she came. Her body jerked
and her legs lifted off the bed. Her eyes were clenched shut and her mouth
formed an "O" as the orgasm flowed through her.
Then, it was over. Her body went limp and she lazily rolled over. Once
again, she slept like a baby. Except this time, a smile was on her face as she

Jamie woke up, half naked again, but still didn't notice the changes that
were going on in her head. She was in unusually high spirits that morning.
Amy was at school again, so Jamie had the whole apartment to herself.
She didn't bother to adjust her clothes this time. Her left tit hung out while she
wiggled down the hall. Her underwear was hiked up her ass and her cheeks
shook as she walked.
She had a quick breakfast and took a shower. When she was done, she
didn't think to put a towel around her as she walked around the apartment. She
normally did this, even if no one was around, but today, she felt like being a
little...naughty. She picked out a much shorter skirt than she normally wore.
She had bought this skirt when she had been flirting with a man at work, but it
didn't work out. She hadn't worn it since. I really should make use of these nice
clothes! she thought, happily. She picked out a tight fitting blouse and put it on.
Jamie then looked over her shoes for the perfect pair. She found some
high heels that she usually only wore to formal parties. Since she was
determined to get a job today, she figured she should look presentable.
Stepping into the bathroom, she applied a good bit of make-up and teased her
hair up a bit.
Looking over herself in the mirror, she smiled at what she saw. You sexy
thing... she thought, Now to find the perfect job... With a confident grin, she left
the apartment. Once again, she bypassed the garage and went straight out the
front doors.
Once on the busy street, she unconsciously went in the direction of The
Kitty Cat Club. She didn't even notice where she was going. As far as she was
concerned, she was just browsing. Jamie reached the doors of the club and
walked straight in.
"Hey Maynard," she said casually, walking past him. He held the door
open and nodded at her. She breezed in and looked over the place. The beats
of the music circling the club pounded into her head. Wait...Why did I come
here? she began to wonder, but her thoughts were quickly distracted.
"Jamie! So good to see you!" a voice said. Jamie looked up to see
Jacquelyn Kent sitting at the bar, watching one of her employees gyrating hips
on stage. There was a slightly bigger crowd now, even for an afternoon. "I knew
you'd be back..." she said, as Jamie walked up to her.
"Well, we didn't get to finish yesterday," Jamie said, smiling. Isn't it
because I wanted to leave? she thought, but lost track when Jacquelyn began
speaking again.
"Well, let's step into my office, Jamie..." Ms. Kent led Jamie back down
the smoky hallway. The music from the club began to fade away as she was led
further back. "Have a seat."
Jamie did as she was told, again, and looked up at her future boss. "Ms.
Kent, I'm not entirely sure why I came her--"
Ms. Kent leaned over her desk and placed a finger on Jamie's mouth with
a gentle, "Shhhhhhh...". Jamie's eyes looked confused as she stopped talking.
Her mouth hung open as Ms. Kent retracted her arm and picked up a remote off
her desk. She hit a button and more techno music began playing in the small
office. "You talk too much Jamie... Just relax... Okay?"
Jamie thought this over, I talk too much? Maybe I should relax... The
music danced inside her ears as she looked deep into Ms. Kent's eyes.
"This is very special music Jamie. You want to know why you keep
coming back here?" Jamie nodded. "Well, I like to make subliminal tapes,
Jamie. You've been hearing music every night haven't you?" Jamie nodded
again, trying to figure out where this was going. "How about dreams? Have any
strange ones lately?" Ms. Kent grinned as Jamie nodded some more. Jamie's
arms hung limply at her sides as she listened to the pretty music. "Well, the
music you hear every night is making you desire to become a stripper. Have you
always wanted to become a stripper, Jamie?"
Well, of course! she thought to herself. She just nodded her head in
response to Ms. Kent's question. Her head felt like it was filling with helium and
floating away.
"Yes... You've always wanted to be a stripper... At least that's what you
think..." Ms. Kent grinned and picked up the remote back off the desk. She
pointed it in the air and clicked a button. The music went silent, then came back
alive with a slightly different beat. "This music only works on certain people.
We wouldn't want your whole building applying here. But, we knew someone
would show up. And here you are..."
The new music was making Jamie even more light headed. Her eyes
fluttered as a grin crossed over her face. A tiny giggle escaped her lips.
"You should be feeling pretty...yummy...right now..." she continued smiling
as she caressed the side of Jamie's face. Jamie closed her eyes and snuggled
up to her hand, still smiling. "This nice piece of music is called our Bimbo mix.
The more you hear it, the dumber you'll get, the sluttier you'll get...then you'll be
perfect for the job. How are you feeling Jamie?"
Jamie looked up at her with half-open eyes. "Uhhh...fine...." She ended
the sentence with another giggle.
"Now, of course, you won't remember any of this. But, you'll go home.
Confindent that you'll find a new job. You won't worry about applying anywhere
else. You'll take care of your daughter and just live your life as you normally
would. But, every night...I'll be playing this song for you..." She lightly tapped
Jamie's face, causing Jamie to giggle more. "...and every'll get
dumber..." she tapped the top of Jamie's head, " ...and sluttier..." she said
slipped her hand down Jamie's blouse, grasping her breast, "...just perfect..."
The music shut off and the room was silent again. Jamie's eyes fluttered
a bit and she seemed to regain her composure. "Wha--what happened?"
Jacquelyn stood up and walked back behind her desk, "What do you
Jamie looked really confused, "Umm...I dunno. Something..." She
couldn't quite figure out what she wanted to say. Something was wrong. She
breathed in heavily and stretched. "I guess nothing." She stood up and started
toward the door.
"We'll be calling you, Jamie..." Jacquelyn said, lighting another cigarette.
Jamie nodded nervously, anxious to get outside. She opened the door
and walked out.