Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Strip Club Fantasy

I pulled up to our local hangout. A ABC Liquer Bar in Jacksonvile, Florida. A few of my brothers were hanging outside. We belong to a national motorcycle club. As we were shooting the shit out front drinking some Bud longnecks, this young kid pulls up on a brand new Evolution Harley, the first year they came out. He was dressed out in new leathers from head to foot. Couldn't have been more than 18 years old. Not that 18 was that young, shit at the time I was only 21. But you could see this nerd was not street smart. I grew up hard in the streets, fighting and and working hard to keep alive and stay in school. This punk had every thing given to him. He came over and started to talk with us, I winked at my brothers and humored them by sarcasticaly talking with the nerd. No sooner then he went into the bar, my Brother Little John, walked over to the nerds bike and rode it the two blocks to one of our bitches house. He was back before the punk came out. So we went into the bar and sat in the back . The punk joined us. After a few minutes, I said, I'll be back, I got to check on the bikes. The kid walked with me. I told him, ya got to keep a eye on your bike. Lock it up real good, thier are fuckheads out there that love to take anothers machine. He agreed. The look on his face when we got out side was unbelieveable. It took all my self control to stop from laughing. He called the cops, they came, they wanted to accuse us, but shit, the kid was our aliby!

Two weks later the kid came back around with another bike. The insurance company had paid it off. This time he used the neck lock and a chain around the rear tire and frame. We walked in the bar. The kid said, I would like to se them get this one. We all agreed. Little John went to take a piss. He left thru the back door, and was back in less than 6 minutes. This time he used bolt cutters and only wheeled the bike into the storage room behind the bar. He came out and sat with us. SLim Jim said, hey kid, your hanging around, make your self usefull, go check the bikes. As soon as he left, we all snickered, but managed to act outraged when he came back hollering bloody hell. Cops were called, the kid swore we never left his side or made a call.

I took the punk, his name was Rodney, or just Rod to his friends! Can you believe that, anyway, I took him outside and had a talk with him. I told him this time, when they give you your insurance money, buy a used bike, this way it wil be safer, no one steals ours, right? He agreed. I had just the bike for him, made from a bunch of wrecks we had collected! He asked about the club, how to join and stuff like that. I gave him a load of shit. For one thing, he would have to pick up the tab when he was with us. He would have to mow our yard, wash our trucks, clean up after parties and most importantly, get some of his teeny booper girlfriends drugged up and offer them to us. He readily agreed! SO I told him to bring a little honey tomorrow night since it was going to be a Friday night. He said he knew just the one.

Friday night Rod showed up in a bran new Ford custom van with this fine looking little cunt. Her name was Liz and she was already high as a kite. I wasted no time, I opened the side door and sat in a big plush captains chair in the back. Rod and Liz came into the back too. Rod gave us each a beer from the refrigerator in the van. Liz was a cutey. SHe was skinny as a rail and had smal pointy tits, she looked no more than 13, but Rod said she was 17. I told her to let me see her tits. She giggled and pulled her t-shirt up and then down real fast. I saw lovely cone shaped tits tipped with cone shaped cherry red nipples. I said, come on , that was to fast. I said, take it off, she did. I said, she was beautiful, I knelt in front of her and kissed her. She responded. I felt up her tits, as I undid her jeans. I soon had them off and was fingering her hairy bush. SHe had her mound shaved for a bikini, but she was hairy! I spread her legs, one over each arm rest on the captains chairs and licked her pussy. I like all kinds of girls, I prefer medium built ones, mainly because thier pussies are always so tight. I find skiny girls and fat girls have big cunts. Liz had a big cunt. I went down on her and she was really easy to get off. She was climaxing just from my tongue, even before I got a finger into her. I managed to get 4 fingers up her puss and I decided I needed relief! I sat back in the captains chair, I unbuckled my keans and pulled them down to my ankles. I motioned to liz, she knelt in front of me. I get the same reaction when ever a cunt see myh cock. I barely have over 7 inches, but its thick, some girls have said it looks like a mushroom . My head is big, than I have a smaller shaft that gets thicker as you near my balls. Its as long and as thick as a 8 oz coke bottle. Not the biggest cock, but it satisfies me! Liz was in awe. She looked at it, her mouth watering. SHe touched it, making it jump, she licked at my precum, then she attacked it. She could barely get her mouth around the head, but I got to give her a A+ for effort! Like most guys, I love getting head, so I just sat back and let her do her thing. She licked my cock and shaft, my balls, really a great effort! I looked at Rod. He had his cock out jerking it off. It was a barely 5 inches and about a fourth as thick as mine. Liz looked up at Rod, she asked him if he wanted some. He shot her a wicked look. I laughed, I said, well, well, you like cock, Rod?

He said, no way man. Liz said, you do too, I know you do, you helped me suck guys all the time. I said, Rod, your a cocksucker? He denied it, I said, I woun't tell anyone, and she woun't ever tell anyone else either, right, Liz? as I grabbed her by both tits and pulled them. SHe screamed. I told her to shut the fuck up. SHe said, she wouldn't tell. I pulled my gun from my booth, I said, if you tell anyone what goes on with me or my friends or with Rod, I'll kill you, if your good, your gonna have the time of your life, every time you want it! I pulled her back to my hard cock when she agreed. I told Rod, go ahead and help her, he said, your serious, I said, damn right I am, I told him to come to me. WHen he was in reach, I grabbed his cock. I told him, same goes for you, not a word to anyone. I then took his cock into my mouth and sucked him to the balls! Liz looked up at me with my dick in her mouth and smiled. I sucked Rod till he came in my mouth, then He went down and helped Liz. Rod sucked a lot better than she did, so I took her in my arms and kissed her and played with her boobs. I then slid down in the chair as Liz mounted my lap and slowly inched my cock into her big but tight pussy. SHe said she had never been filled like this before, she rode me slowly then faster till I had to shoot! As she pulled off, Rod was there to clean me up and to lick her pussy clean. I asked Liz if she wanted more, she said, yes, so I told Rod to go in and get some of my brothers. He got dressed and left. I laid Liz down on the back couch and got on top, I fucked her till Little John came out, Liz gasped when she found out why he was called little John! John had a cock that made mine look like a pencil, maybe not quite, but he was huge! He fed her mouth as I fucked her pussy. I came again, and then Willy got on her, his cock was about half my size. He unloaded real quick, then Slim Jim showed her how he got his name when he slid his thin 8 incher up her ass. I waited till he came, then Liz sat on Little John, with him in her pussy after a lot of stretching! She laid on top of him and I forced my rigid cock into her cum coated ass. Will had his cock in her mouth. The brothers left after they came, leaving me with Liz and Rod. I made Rod lick her clean before I fucked her a final time. Liz was satisfied, but she was bleeding from the ass. She said, that happened last time she tried it and she had hemmroids, so it would quit bleeding soon. Rod took her home and then came back to the bar. I had him follow me to the club house, I locked up my bike and had him drive me to where my cunt of the week was working, a run down strip club. We went in and watched some of the girls dance, my cunt gave me $400, all that she made that night. rod and I left. I was horny as hell. SO before we left the parking lot, We got in the back of the van, and I had Rod suck me till I came in his mouth. I returned the favor to him and swallowed his dick too. He wanted me to fuck him, I had never fucked a guy and I had never been fucked, I told him some other time. But the thought of it got me horny after awhile. SO I said fuck it. We stopped at another strip cub, parked in the back and Rod sucked me for a while, then I fucked him. He was way tighter than any cunt, but it felt weird, good, but weird. After I came in him, he cleaned off my cock and then sucked me. I was rock hard instantly. He licked my balls and then he licked my ass. I never realized how sensitive my asshole was. Rod had me going. With me laying on my back in the captains chair with it reclined, I put my legs over the armrests and then Rod got betweeen my legs, I felt some pressure and than wham! He was in me and fucking me. He stroked my cock as he fucked my ass. I shot another load of cum, this one landing on my face and chest! Rod came in me for the first time. It felt great! I knew I would try this again.

Rod followed me every where. The kid had all kinds of money. One day I had him take me to Daytona to get some bike parts, on the way back to Jacksonville we stopped at his house. His fucking parents were rich! They weren't home, so he gave me a tour of this big old house. In his room, I sat while he went to do some chores he had to do. I turned on the big TV and it showed a great looking young girl. Just the way I like them, she looked about 14 or so, had big firm tits,, a little chubby, but far from fat. Her pussy was shaved bald! It was a video tape of this girl, posing and eventually using a toy on her self! I took out my cock and stroked it! From the talking on the TV, I found out, her name was Franny and that she was 14. Rod was her first boyfriend and she kept confirming that no one would see these pictures or video. You could hear Rod directing her. Telling her how to pose and act. Rod stepped into the picture, according to what was being said, they were taping her looseing her virginity! I watched as Rod had her suck his cock. It was the first time for her to do that too, before this time, she had given him two hand jobs. I watched as she tasted the head of his cock, she was about to take it in her mouth when you could hear some one calling Rod in the back ground. They both dressed real quickly. I rewound the tape . As it rewound, I seen a stack of pictures of Fran. Damn, she was cute! Rod walked in as I started to watch the tape again. He replaced my hand on my cock and started to suck me. I had him tell me about Fran. He said she was his cousin. He had made this tape the other day, he still hadn't fucked her or gotten a Bj yet. He went back to sucking me. I came quickly looking at this beautiful young babe! I told Rod I wanted to be her first. Rod said , no way, she is mine. I said, you want to stay around us or what? I want her, understand? He agreed reluctantly. Since his parents were away for a week, I told him to call her and invite her over. I explained my plan to him.

Fran arrived in about 20 minutes. I hid while Rod gave her a drink with two qualudes mixed in it. It didn't take long for Fran to feel them. I knew from experience, she would do anything she was told and not remember it or anything that happened to her. I came out and had Rod tape us with one of the first Video cameras that came out. I sat next to her on the couch and started to kiss her, I then felt her beautiful big firm tits. She offered no resistance as I took her shirt off. Her tits were fantastic! They stood out firm and strong. No sag at all. I spent a long time sucking on her big puffy nipples. SHe was moaning, her nipples were very sensitive. I opened her jeans and got my hand down the front of her panties, GAWD! her mound was still bald! It felt great! AS I reached her clit, she began to wiggle, she took deep breaths and I could tell she was climaxing. I reached her slit, she was soaked! I worked a finger in her, she poured out more juice! I took her pants off, then her panties. She was totally nude. I wasted no time in getting naked my self. Fran let out a small Oh my Gawd, when she seen my cock. She reached for it. I let her stroke it as I fingered her. I inched two fingers deep in her, I reached her hymen, it was really still there! I hadn't had a virgin in years! SHe was moaning and trashing about as my fingers did thier job. SHe never let go of my cock! I laid back and guided her head to my rigid cock. She licked the head, then stuffed it into her mouth. She bobbed her head for a while, then she licked up and down my shaft, finally licking on my balls with my directions. I wanted to cum so bad! I wanted her pussy first, so I laid her back and I spread her legs. I knelt between them and I dove into her pussy. She tasted the way only young girls can. SO fresh and clean! SHe was going wild from the climaxing. SHe was begging me to fuck her. I eased up her body, kissing her mounds, her belly, her belly button, her tits, her neck then her lips. My cock was poised at her moist opening. I was surprised when she grabbed my cock and rubbed it up and down her lips. SHe forced my big head into her small opening, yelping with the pain, but not stopping! She loked me in the eye and said, SO Your Dirty Tom, Rod has told me about his biker friends, it turns me on. SHe continued, next time you try to give a mikey to a girl, make sure she doesn't do qualudes first. It takes at least 4 to get me zonked! Two make me feel relaxed , but I still know whats going on. She was whispering all this to me. SHe told me, I might still be cherry, but I ain't nieve. I want a real man to take me, not some one like Rod! SO SHe wrapped her legs around me and forced me a little more into her. I gladly obliged! I started to work my cock into her, after about four inches, I felt her cherry give, she screamed , I went to stop, she said, don't you dare and pulled me in further with her heels on my ass. I was soon buried to the balls in her wonderfull pussy! It was so tight! I was in love! I stood still buried deep in her. I flexed my cock every few seconds, giving her a thrill. She liked when it moved in her. She was getting use to my size, she finally said, fuck me. So I gave it to her. I was surprised I lasted as long as I did. When I came, I started to pull out, she held me in , I could feel my cock hitting her cervex, SHe said, cum in me, please! DO it now. She was shaking from her own climax! Her mouth was wide open in a big O. I pulled out till the head was only in her, then I pushed all the way in till I hit the cervex again and held it there. I let loose! I held her as we both rode the wave of pleasure. We started to kiss. After a few minutes, my cock was still rock hard, I looked down as I pulled it out, there was a white foam all around my cock, it wasn't all cum, it was her lubricating juices, the cum came out when my cock head plopped from the tightness of her now stretched pussy. It leaked out in vast quantitiy. I didn't know I could cum so much! I sat back on the couch, sweat dripping off both me and Fran. Fran went to her knees between my legs and licked our juices off of my cock. SHe then got up and took my cock in her hand and sat on it! She put it in her again! She was riding me like no cunt had ever done before! This time I didn't last, I came really fast, Fran just sat on my cock till I got soft! Holding and kissing me.

Fianlly Fran sat back on the couch, she left her legs wide open. Rod who had been taping all of this, was also naked. He knelt in front of her and zoomed in on her stretched pussy. Fran opened it wider for him as she pulled the lips apart. Cum was running out of her bald cunt and leaking on the sofa. Rod set the camera up on a tripod and went over to Fran. SHe was laying with her eyes closed. WHen he touched her, she jumped and yelled, WHAT THE FUCK YOU THINK YOUR DOING? Rod looked at her in shock. She said, if you want to touch me or anything, you better ask Tom, he is my guy now, so I will do what ever he says. I couldn't believe my ears. I told rod, give us a few minutes alone, I'll call you. rod went out to the pool and dove in. I said, you want to be my ol'lady? Fran said, yes, I do. I said we just met. SHe said, I don't care, I like you. SHe said, you don't remember me, do you? I said, should I? She said, your best friends with my dad, he retired from the club a few years ago. I said, no way, your Franny? GAwd! I remember you in braces and pigtails! Hows your dad doing? SHe said, he got killed in a wreck in Arizonia, thats why she and her mom moved back . I said holly shit. I remembered the threesomes me and Dave, Frans dad had with Marie, Fran's mother. Dave always kidded me about Fran having a crush on me. The last time I seen her she was 12 , in braces, skinny as a rail! My gawd! She has grown! Then I though, whats Marie gonna say when she finds out. Fran must have been reading my mind. She said, I know mom will be glad to see you. Mom, Kim and I only got back two weeks ago, but she feels funny about going around the club. I said lets see what she thinks about us. Fran said she will be happy, believe me. She is always telling me that your special. SHe and dad use to tease me about me having a crush on you. Mom said when I was old enough I could see if you would want me. I said, are you old eneough. Fran said, Mom was only 13 when she had me. Yeah, thats right, Maries is not even 30 yet! I said, Fran, I would be proud to have you as my woman, but you have to stay in school, get off the fucking drugs, no more qualudes, ok? Yes, she agreed. I said, what about old Rod out there, want to fuck him? She asked, would you mind? I said, not as long as I am here, if your going to be mine, there will be no cheating. If you want to fuck some one, do it with me there or where I can watch. If you want kids your own age, I want to watch that too. Fran said, Cool. I dream of all kinds of nasty sex, like you and my parents did. I was shocked, I thought we were carefull. Fran said, I use to peek at the three of you all the time. Theres so much I want to try! I said, like I said, we can do everything you want to, just tell me and I will set it up.

We called Rod back in. I told him, Fran is now my girl. Watch over her when I ain't there. Do a good job and you can have fun. Fran wants you to do her now. I took the camera and taped Rod and my little honey. Fran had him sit back and she sucked his cock till he exploded in her mouth. SHe kept him hard, laid back and Rod fucked her. SHe got another snatch filled with cum. Fran asked when Rod got off her. You going to clean me up like you did to my mom after my dad fucked her? I said, sure, she said, what about Rod, you gonna clean him to? I said, you seen that to? She said, yep, I like two guys doing it. So I sucked Rods cock clean. He then went down on me. Dave was one of the few bikers I knew who was bi like myself. As Rod was sucking me, Fran cuddled with me. I stroked her breasts. I asked, so have you been with another girl. She said, yeah, thats why I started to pay attention to my cousin Rod, see Liz told me about being fucked by a biker named Dirty Tom, I knew it was you, she told me my cousin introduced you to her. SHe also told me about the other guys banging her. It got me so hot! So Yes, Liz and I make it and there are a few other girls too. I said, now that will be interesting, she said, I can get you all the young stuff you want, but you better stay with me! I laughed, I said, I will! Rod was now fingering her as he sucked me. I told Fran, we will spend a lot of time together, soon as you get out of school, we will marry. SHe said, we don't have to wait that long, Mom can sign the papers when I am 16. I said, then when your 16, ok? She kissed me and said ALRIGHT!

We left Rod, I borrowed his van. I drove Fran home to see her mom. Marie fliped out when she seen me. She still looked great! Fran took her mom into another room, When they came back, both were smiling! Marie said, I knew you two would get together, so did Dave, he wanted you both to make a life with each other. SHe started to cry. I held her and Fran joined us. After a few minutes, Marie made some dinner. Fran asked me to do her a favor, she said, MArie hadn't been with a guy in two years, would I take care of her moms needs. I said, what does your mom want, she said, she doesn't want a new husband, she just wants some sexual relief with out any emotional attachements. I said, I could do that, will you be with us, Fran said, you bet. So after dinner, I was with two beautiful woman. Kim, Frans 12 year old sister was at a friends house. It didn't take long, Fran and MArie had it all planned. I was soon sitting back kissing my girl as her mother sucked my cock! Both got naked as we took the party out to the pool. I was amazed at how cool both mom and daughter were about sharing me. I fucked Marie in the pool, she was like a wild woman. We finished the fuck on some blankets on the grass inside the screen room. After I unloaded in Marie, Fran licked my cock clean and then to my surprise, she laid over her mother and they did a 69, fran licking my cum out of her mothers pussy. I don't know I survived with those two horny woman!

I moved in the next day. I had quite a bit of money from the tow truck business I owned, but not anything like the money that Marie had. Besides coming from a rich family, she collected over $200,000 from insurance from Daves death. I figured she was worth about a few million or so. I had maybe $400.000 with my trucks , business property and my house. We were pretty well off. The first week was strange. Kim walked in on us many times as I was screwing her sister or mother. SHe was a beautiful young girl, a little thin, and small tits that were really just big puffy nipples starting to develope, great looking for being only 12! SHe wanted in on the fun. We all sat in the living room. Marie said, if its ok with Tom and Fran, you can join in the fun, but this is our secret, ok, no one should know. Kim was excited. Marie herself video taped me taking Kims cherry. Kim was just as horny as her sister and mother. I was being worn out. I got Rod to join us. He became a regualr member of our house. Kim and him seemed to hit it off. I was glads for them. When Rod fucked his aunt for the first time it was a trip. He was so nervous. Marie raped that boy silly, showing him where his slender cock would fill her up completely. Rod was introduced to anal sex. He loosened up all three of them . I would fuck thier asses after he came in them to make my cock slide in easily. Marie started to go to the club house with me once in a while. Fran was a regualr fixture always being with me and the guys respected her. Betweeen Marie and I we selected Little John. He was single, no ol'lady except the two dancers he strung along for thier money. He was as kinky as me and bi and Marie liked him. SO I invited him over to the house one Friday. The girls were all swimming out in the pool in thier little skimpy bikinis. John and I talked about them. He said how can you stand being around all that pussy and not wanting to fuck all three of them. I told him, I do fuck all three of them. His jaw dropped. I said, you can too if you promise to keep this between us. No telling any other brother, no one. He said, your shitting me. I said, peel out of those dirty old Levi's and lets go see how much I am kidding. I stood up and got naked. He followed me. We went out to the pool. The girls got out of the pool. There was Maries with her big tits. They sagged just a little, but were still firm. Her pussy was shaven bald, her stomack flat with a few little stretch marks. Then there was my Fran, she was staring at Johns swollen cock, it was a lot longer than mine, by about three inches but not as thick. I have 7 so he had to have 10 or more! Fran with her firm boobs, bald pussy standing betweeen her mother and sister. Kim was last, she had a not even a handfull of tits, mostly puffy nipples. She was slender and had long legs. Her pussy had very little hair, she hadn't shaved it yet. Marie and Fran went to John, they knelt in front of him and double teamed his cock, first one sucking then the other. Kim went to my cock and sucked on it. Marie fucked John first, rode him till she climaxed, then my Fran got on top, she lowered herself down till he hit her cervex. she rode him and I could hear her pussy making squishing noises as it went up and down his shaft. Fran was climaxing. I shot a load deep into Kims pussy as John did the same to my future wife. WHen Fran got off of Johns softening cock, she sat back and spread her legs, I got between them, She was so lewdly spread, I could see inches up he pussy! There was gobs of cum coating her walls and running freely down her pussy to her ass. To Johns bewilderment, I licked her clean, getting my cock deeper that I ever had it in her stretched pussy. Kim was sucking on Johns limp dick. He was enjoying the sensations. John and Marie went into her bedroom, leaving me with my Franny and her sister kim. I watched Kim and Fran eat each other. I fucked both of them and then we crashed in mine and Frannies bedroom. John and MArie started to date. Fran enjoyed having John around, but she didn't like fucking him to often, he was to long and really hurt her cervex when he got going. Kim on the other hand, really liked the pain, she was always sitting on my or Johns cock. She was unsatisfiable.

We had a double wedding, MArie and John, Franny and me. For our bachelor party, John and I took turns on our girls and watched as the rest of the club gave them a gang bang they would never forget! We had a blast!