Monday, November 01, 2004

Bachelorette Party

By Abstracter

Patty was hectically running around trying to get ready for her up coming wedding. The hall, the flowers, the cake, the guest list, the hotel arrangements for the guests, the food, and the list never seemed to end. With just three weeks to go, she did not think she was going to make it. Greg had tried to help but he never seemed to do any of the planning right so Patty just continued to do it herself. Patty wanted it to be perfect.
The dinning room of her apartment had become wedding central. A large calendar was hung on the wall with July 15th circled in red. D-Day. The Wedding. The table hadnt been used to eat on in months since the pile of brochures, magazines and notes grew as Patty planned the wedding details. At first Greg tried to tell Patty to relax and let him help her but after shutting him down multiple times he just stopped asking. Also she knew that he was frustrated in other ways too. To make the honeymoon special she had not slept with Greg since they got engaged. Even this was a price she was willing to pay to have the perfect wedding.
Patty let out a frustrated sigh as she reached for the ringing phone. Another interruption, she thought.
Hello. Patty said.
How is the future Mrs. Berret? Gregs voice was cheerful and relaxed and drove Patty crazy. How could he be so relaxed with so many things that can go wrong
Do you want to go to dinner tonight A new restaurant just opened in town, how about going there? Greg asked.
Cant. Rachelle is coming over tonight to help me. Patty said as she looked over her list of things to do one more time. She could not believe that the list was still so long. When her eyes hit the entry about the cake she realized that she needed to confirm the order with the baker. Also, she needed to check with her Mom about Aunt Bettys allergies to make sure she didnt get the wrong flowers.
Patty, are you listening to me? Gregs voice cut through her thoughts, she was surprised that the phone was still in her hand.
I'm sorry Greg. It will all get better after the wedding. Ill talk to you later. Patty hung up the phone before Greg could say anything else. Dialing the phone she started making her calls. After a call to her Mom and two more calls to the Flouriest she got the flowers fixed. The call to the bakers put her plans into a tail spin. The baker could not find her order and if they had to take a new order they could not get it ready before the wedding. Patty was digging through her paperwork on the table looking for the information on the other bakers. She was putting together a list of other bakers that they had liked when the person on the phone told her that they found the order.
The rest of the afternoon flew by. Patty jumped when the doorbell rang. Pushing away from the table Patty thought, Not another interruption. With her list in hand she moved quickly to the door reading it. Looking up from the paper, she opened the door.
Youre still in your pajamas? Rachelle asked.
Looking down at herself, Patty realized that she had been so busy that she had not even gotten dressed today. Ive been busy.
You need to relax. Get dressed, were going out. Rachelle said taking Pattys arm and walking her down the hall.
No, Ive got too much to do. Patty said fighting to get back into the dinning room.
If you dont relax youre going to have a nervous breakdown and miss this big, beautiful wedding you are planning. Get dressed. You can take a few hours and go out. You havent been out of this house in weeks other then when youre running to get something to do with the wedding. Rachelle said as she opened Pattys closet and started to pick out outfits. Go get in the shower so we can get going.
No I cant. I have too much to do.
You have planned every detail, every conceivable thing in this wedding but you are going to be in no condition to make it if you dont take a break. Go out, have a drink and relax. It will give you a chance to come back with a clear mind. Rachelle said moving from the closet to Pattys dresser.
Patty decided that she could use an hour or two out of the house. Leaving Rachelle in her room she walked into the bathroom. Quickly stripped out of her pajamas and stepped into the hot water of her shower. As she stood under the hot water she felt bad that she had said no to Greg when he had called earlier. He would understand and probably be happy that she got away from planning the wedding for a while.
Walking out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body and one around her auburn hair she found that Rachelle had laid out her clothes, a dress, stockings, panties and bra, on the bed. The red dress was the one she had bought as her going out dress. It was cut in all the right places and showed off a lot of leg. She had not worn it since before she had started dating Greg. The dress showed off her figure well before but with all the exercising she had been doing getting ready for the wedding the dress looked killer on her. With her hair and make-up done, she stood in front of the full length mirror admiring what she saw.
In the living room Rachelle was sitting on the couch talking on her cell phone.
I have to go. She said closing her phone. You look incredible, she said to Patty as she stood up.
I guess the working out has made a difference. I wish Greg could see me.
Lets go. Rachelle said taking Patty by the arm and leading her out the door.
Parked at the curb was a long, white stretch limo. The uniformed driver stood at attention by the back door. Standing up through the sun roof was Pattys other two friends, Debbi and Ebony. The two had drinks in their hands and waved to Patty and Rachelle as they walked toward them.
What is this all about? Patty asked.
Its your bachelorette party. Since you would not come to us, we came to you. We were supposed to be waiting at the restaurant for you but when Greg called and said that you would not come out, we came to you. Rachelle said as the driver held open the door to allow the two ladies to climb inside.
The driver was taller then Patty had thought from a distance. He was close to six feet tall, broad in the shoulder, which the uniform complemented very well. He offered a hand to Rachelle and helped her into the car. When he turned and offered Patty his hand she got her first look at his face. His dark hair and soft brown eyes gave his young face the impression of total innocents but the confidence in which he held his body and outstretched arm showed otherwise. Patty found herself blushing under the look in the young mans eyes. Taking his strong hand Patty did her best to slide into the limo without flashing too much leg or her panties. As she brought her legs into the car she found that the drivers eyes lingered on them as she fixed the bottom of her dress. She should have been mad, she was an engaged woman, but she found it exciting.
Debbi put a glass of champagne into her hand as she looked around the inside of the limo. The back of the limo was big enough for at least eight people. It had a bar, TV and DVD player in the console behind the drivers seat. The glass partition was down and Patty watched as the driver slid into the seat.
You are in for a great night. Debbi said in her excited voice. Patty could tell that Ebony was in one of her party moods which always led to a good time, if not great stories afterwards.
Where to ladies? The driver asked from the front seat.
I think we will start at Chaps and go from there, Guy. Rachelle said picking up her glass for a toast, To the lady of the evening, Patty. Patty watched the three of them emptied their glasses and followed suit. She watched as the partition between themselves and the driver slid shut. Quickly the glasses were refilled and the limo was on the move.
He is so young and cute. Debbi said pointing toward the partition. And the way he was looking at you Patty, Ogirl. He looked like a starving man looking at a five coarse meal.
Yea, he didnt look at us like that. Debbi said pulling a DVD from her purse. I brought us some entertainment for the ride. Patty was shocked when she heard the gaudy music and saw the name of the movie on the screen.
Stallions? Rachelle said reading it from the DVD cover. Men that were blessed with more then just good looks. Only you Debbi.
Come on. These guys are buff, muscular and hung like horses. Debbi defended her movie.
Patty watched as the movie opened with a shot of an office. Sitting behind a desk was a handsome man in a tight tee shirt with the name of a gym on it. The desk had some papers on it but he seemed distracted. Slowly the camera came around the desk to find a young lady on her knees under the desk giving him a blow job. Patty marveled at the size of the mans cock. It had to be twelve inches long and rounder then her wrist. The young lady took as much of it into her mouth as she could but its head is all that she could cover. Her hand stroked its length in time with the movement of her mouth. The womans hand looked tiny wrapped around the large muscle.
Now why cant Peter be hung like that? Rachelle asked almost more to herself then to the other ladies.
Is Peter, challenged in that category? Ebony asked.
No, he is good size but he is not large. Dont get me wrong, he is great in bed. He knows how to do everything right, it just I miss the full filling. Rachelle said.
Youve had one that BIG? Patty asked.
Do you remember Dave He was like that. The first time we were together I was terrified of it. I kept thinking that he was going to hurt me being so big but once I got use to the size, omy god, it was wonderful. He hit spots inside me I did not know I had. Rachelle said with a pink blush coming to her face.
Why did you break up with him? Debbi asked enthralled by what Rachelle was saying.
Everything else he did in bed sucked. He also turned out to be a bigger dick then he had in his pants. The girls laughed and their attention went back to the TV screen. The young lady was now on the desk on her back with her legs in the air. The man had his face buried between her legs.
You have never experienced anything until you have had another woman use her tongue on you. Ebony said. Patty was surprised by the comment. Ebony did not flaunt her lesbianism; she barely ever talked about it. They know just the right things to do.
My Berry is very good at it, too. He may not be the smartest man I have ever met but he is good in bed. His tongue should be put in the Sex Hall of Fame. Debbi said. One night he brought me off four times with just his tongue.
Four times? Patty asked in disbelief. I'm lucky if Greg gets it right once with his whole body. Patty could not believe that she was having this conversation with her friends. They had always talked about the men they dated but never got into these kinds of details.
You poor girl. Rachelle said patting her leg.
Dont get me wrong. Greg is good in bed. He is caring, tender and total into me but he just doesnt always get my parts to work just right. He tries and when I get to the point where I know he is not going to bring me off I fake it and finish after he is asleep.
How equipped is he? Debbi asked. Patty was always surprised by how straight forward Debbi could be.
I would say about this big. Patty said holding her fingers about four or five inches apart. Is that small I have nothing to compare it too.
You poor girl. Debbi said. Pointing at the screen she said, Watch this.
On the screen the man was now standing between the young ladys legs aiming his large member at her small opening. Patty watched in amazement as the young lady opened herself for him. He rubbed the large head up and down her wet slit until he found the opening and slowly, inched himself in. The sounds the girl made let Patty know that she was enjoying it. The sight of the large muscle piercing the young ladys body looked to large to possible fit but she kept pushing hard against him to get more into her. Just when Patty thought he would not be able to fit anymore into her he gave a final thrust burying himself totally in her.
I cant believe he fit. Ebony said.
Oh my god. I wish I was her. Debbi said finishing her drink.
The limo came to a stop and the door opened. Patty quickly turned off the DVD player and watched as the three ladies were helped out of the car. Patty took the hand that was offered her by Guy and climbed out of the limo. Chaps was a male strip club that the girls had talked about coming to but never seemed too had made it. The place had a reputation for being racy. Debbi led the women as they made their way to the doors. From inside the beat of the music could be heard pounding through the walls.
Walking thru the door, Patty found that it took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the dark inside. As her eyes adjusted, she could see a large stage along the back wall. A bar ran along the wall to the left. In the center of the room and to the right the space was filled with tables facing the stage. All of the tables where filled except a large one right up front.
We cant be in here. What if some one we know sees us This place is so sleazy. Patty said trying to talk over the music.
Patty could not believe her eyes when a waiter wearing nothing but a g-string met them as they stood at the door. Debbi gave the waiter a big hug, Hay, Billy.
Hello Debbi. We have your table ready up front. Follow me this way? he said and started for the large table. As he turned Debbi slapped him on his bare ass. The girls giggled as they watched the muscles of Billys ass as he walked away. He could not be more the 510and with his Mediterranean dark skin and dark hair he was the total opposite of Greg.
As Billy led them through the tables, Patty could see a reserved sign on the large table right in front of the stage. The ladies all took their seats with the help of Billy. He quickly took the drink orders and disappeared to fill them. The music was louder here by the stage then it had been back at the door. The stage lights came up and a gentleman in a tux stood in front of a microphone off to one side of the stage.
Are you ready ladies? The announcer said.
Yes! The crowd said back,
ARE YOU READY? The announcer yelled this time.
The yes this time was almost deafening.
Well tonight we have the hottest line up in town. The crowd screamed and applauded as the announcer tried to talk over them. The boys are ready. You are ready. So lets get this party started! With that Pinks song came blasting over the sound system.
Out on stage walked seven of the best looking men Patty had ever seen. They were all buff, handsome and in different outfits. There was one in a business suit, one in a construction worker clothing, a cops uniform, a sailors uniform, a football player outfit and a fireman outfit. They danced around the stage with each coming up to the front of the stage to show there wares. Patty quickly realized why Debbi had gotten this particular table. As the dancers came forward they were almost standing on their table; Patty could reach out and touch them they were so close. After each had had their time up front they paraded off stage.
Billy brought the drinks to the table and quickly passed them around the table. Along with each drink that they ordered he put down a shot glass. Rachelle picked up her shot and held it high as she began her toast. To our friend Pattys last hurrah, may her life with Greg be all she wants it to be.
Patty tossed back the shot feeling the burning of the drink as it went down her throat. The warmth of the drink spread quickly through her stomach and into her body. She could feel some of the tension and stress that she had been living on starting to leak away. Patty was happy when Debbi yelled to Billy to bring another round of shots.
As they were waiting from the drinks the lights in the club started to dim. The dancers came on one by one. Patty could not believe the way her friends where acting. The cop dancer came to the edge of the stage and Debbi put a dollar bill in his g-string with the mouth. As each dancer came out the women would go nuts and throw dollars bills at them, stick them in the men g-strings and grope them as they danced. As the alcohol flowed and Patty watched them dance she realized how excited she was.
A spot light lit the announcer, The next is our fireman, Stephen. The crowd went wild. Patty watched the curtain open slowly to show the man wearing a fireman uniform. Debbi yelled from across the table, You think that guy in the movie was big. Wait.
The music started blasting over the sound system and Patty watched as he began to dance to the driving rhythms. Patty watched as he slowly stripped out of his jacket to show a bare chest below. She was impressed with the well developed pecks and light covering of blond hair. Removing his helmet Patty got her first look at his blond hair that was just a touch lighter then the color of his mustache. Patty had always had a thing for blond men and with a chest like that Patty found that her excitement spiked. She could not wait to see the rest of him. Dancing up to the edge of the stage he slowly slid the suspenders that held up his pants off of his shoulders.
Patty found that her breath caught in her throat as she waited for him to rip off the pants. As he reached down and grabbed the top, Patty found that she could not move her eyes from his oiled and glistening body. With a quick flip of his hands the pants came off as he turned his back to the crowd. His muscular legs ended in the tightest ass Patty had ever seen. Patty swore he was naked until he turned around and she saw he was wearing a G-string. The only difference between his and the one the others were wearing was that his had a large, long pocket out the front to hold his manhoods. She was shock at the size of him.
Patty found it almost hypnotic that way it moved with the swaying of his body. Standing over their table Patty found her arm outstretched with a dollar bill in her hand. Stephen danced over and pulled the waist of his G-string away from his body to allow Patty to slide the bill in. Pattys fingers brushed to length of him as she drew her hand back.
I think Patty is in love, Rachelle said.
The women at the table laughed as they watched Stephen finish his dance. Debbi called over Billy to the table and ordered another round of drinks and seemed to ask him something by the way he shook his head. Looking at Patty his smiled and walked away. A few minutes later Billy returned with the drinks and stopped behind Patty.
Your private dance is ready. Billy said to Patty.
Excuse me?
The ladies have gotten you a private dance with Stephen. Billy said pulling out Pattys chair.
I cantI mean, Patty stammered as she let Billy help her up and led her to the stairs along the one wall. At the top of the stairs was a set of doors. Billy took her to the third one and opened it. Inside the small room was a large plush chair facing the door on the opposite wall. Billy led her to the chair and waited for her to sit down.
The rules are simple. No touching the dancer unless they say its ok. Billy said with a wink of his eye. Turning Billy walked out shutting the door behind him. Patty waited nervously in the small room. Looking around the room she found the walls a nice soft color, lit by a set of lamps, one against each wall. The chair she sat in was soft leather and felt nice against the skin of her legs. Reaching down she adjusted her skirt making sure that everything was covered as she crossed her legs.
Patty jumped as the door in front of her opened and Stephen walked in. All he had on was the G-string he had been wearing on stage. She couldnt help but watch the way his manhood swung as he walked. As he stopped just short of touching Pattys crossed legs, she had to force her eyes up to meet his. She was shocked at how blue they were. Music started playing from speakers hidden in the ceiling and Stephen slowly started moving to the music. With a sway of his hips, Pattys eyes were drawn to the movements. Stephen slowly turned around showing Patty his bare, tight ass.
Patty found that she was so excited that her panties were soaked. Shifting her butt in the chair, she tried to itch the scratch that was growing between her legs. The thought that passed through her mind was that she was afraid that there would be a wet spot on the back of her dress. Patty jumped as her attention was brought back to the nearly naked body moving in front of her.
Stephen slid his hands down his well developed chest and stomach. Patty loved the way his nipples seemed to harden as his fingers brushed over them. She just wanted to lean forward and take one in her mouth, to wrap her lips around the small nub and suck and lick it. Patty was so immersed in watching the muscles flex in his hairless chest that she did not notice Stephen hooking his fingers on the waist band of his G-string. Her eyes slid down his upper body to the skin slowly being exposed as his G-string slipped down his legs.
Pattys eyes locked on to the growing length of exposed manhood that Stephen was showing. It took Patty a moment to realize that he was shaved, allowing her to see all of the subtleties in the skin of his huge member. Pattys breath caught in her throat when Stephen was finally free. The skin of it was so white compared to the dark tan of the rest of his skin. Stephen swung his hips making his long cock swing from side to side in front of Patty. She did not realize that she had moved her hand until it was cradling the large sack hanging under the stiffening cock. She could feel the two balls inside shift as her hands touched the skin.
Looking up slowly she found Stephen looking down at her his eyes half closed. Finding courage that she did not know she had, she reached up with her other hand and wrapped her fingers around the large growing muscle, stroking it slowly. When the member was pointing her directly in the face she leaned forward and tentatively ran her tongue around its large head. The pre-cum glistened on the head as she plunged her mouth over the length while she still had the courage too.
Patty felt the muscles in her mouth ache as she opened it enough to take him in. She had never felt anything like it before. She had given Greg a blow job a few times but he had never filled her mouth like this. With less then a third of him in her mouth, it hit the back of her throat causing her to pull her head back. With Stephens hands softly on either side of her head, she began to slide her mouth back and forth. She could not believe she was doing this.
Stephen gently stepped back and dropped to his knees in front of her. Looking him straight in the eyes Patty was embarrassed about the saliva running down her chin from what she was just doing. Stephen surprised her by pressing his mouth hard against hers in a kiss that made her toes curl. His tongue glided across her lips making her breath out into his mouth. When their lips parted Patty felt light headed. When Stephens hands pushed her back into the chair she went willingly. With her eyes still closed she felt his hands slide up her legs spreading them apart as they went.
When Stephens hands reached her tights Patty let out a moan that was filled with such need that is surprised her. She had never before needed to be touched so badly. She needed relief from the pressure that was building between her legs. When his hands made it to her panty covered crotch she forced up her hips to increase the pressure on her pussy. The feeling of his hands just seemed to make the pressure inside her worse. She jumped when Stephen ripped her underwear off with one hand. His fingers quickly found their way between the hot, wet folds of her sex making her tingle all over. The soft movements of his fingers made the already sensitive spots of her sex even more sensitive. When Stephens finger found her opening and slid into her she had an orgasm that took her breath away.
As the after shocks of it made its way through her body she felt a new sensation, Stephens breath on her sex. Her clit exploded with sensations when his warm tongue brushed around it in small circles. Each time he circled it he would make the circle smaller and smaller until Patty wanted to cry out. Just when she thought she was going to come again he would repeat his attack. Patty could feel her own juices running out of her around his finger as it pumped into her. Stephen slowly inserted a second finger into Patty. She liked the feeling and moaned loudly. After a few strokes he added a third and fourth. Patty loved the full feeling it gave her.
Her own voice surprised her when she moaned, Fuck me.
Stephen slowly rose up and aimed himself at her wet, excited pussy. Patty was amazed at how large the head looked as it slowly parted her sex. She could feel her muscles stretching to accommodate the hunk of meat being pushed into her. With a pop the large head made it in. Without thinking her hips shifted to take more of him into her. Despite the discomfort of the large intrusion, she wanted more. She wanted it to fill her until she would burst.
Stephen moved slowly at first but his own need quickened his pace. With each thrust he pushed further into Patty. Her muscles began to relax making it easier for him to enter her. With one mighty thrust Patty felt Stephen hit the opening to her uterus and entered it. With her body tingling and her breathing coming in short deep gasps, Patty came for her third time. She had never come more then once in any given day before.
She wanted Stephen even deeper inside her but she knew it was not possible. With each thrust of Stephens hips Patty would push back against him. She realized that it would never be the same with Greg. He would never be able to give her the feelings that she was having now. Closing her eyes Patty rammed herself into Stephens onslaught. Patty could feel Stephen growing harder inside of her but was not ready to let him finish.
Through her gasps of breath she said, Please sit down. I want to ride you.
Stephen eased out of Patty and stood up offering her his hand. As Patty stood up she realized for the first time how tall Stephen really was. She only came up to his chest and looked him right in the nipples. Tilting her head forward she kissed the skin of his chest. His skin glistened with a light covering of sweat from the exertion of the last few minutes. Running her tongue back and forth across his chest she found his nipple.
The small nub was erect and waiting for Pattys mouth. Using just her lips Patty kissed each one, listening to the changes in Stephens breathing. Stealing his technique from earlier she started making circles around each nipple making them smaller and smaller with each pass until she reached the tender borders of each. Quickly Patty wrapped her lips around the nipple and sucked hard. As Stephens knees tried to buckle under him his manhood jumped bumping Patty in the stomach. Reaching down Patty wrapped her hand around the hard member and stroked it as she continued her assault on his nipples.
Without warning Stephen stepped away from Patty almost making her fall over. Reaching out Stephen pulled Pattys dress off over her head. Stepping around her, Stephen sat in the chair and held his huge cock in one hand and his other out to Patty. She took his hand and straddled his legs. Using both hands she opened herself as she lowered onto him, inch by inch. This time he slid into her easier. After a few quick, short strokes she plunged hard down onto him filling herself fuller then before. Stephen moans as his hips lift Patty off of her knees.
Quickly the two are covered in sweat and Patty can feel her forth orgasm of the day coming on. After just a few more strokes she feels Stephen starting to pulse inside of her. As Patty feels the first wave of her orgasm starting to crash over her Stephen cries out as his own orgasm starts. Patty can feel the hot seaman firing deep into her. Pattys head starts to spin as she reaches the apex of her orgasm. When she could finally catch her breath, Patty collapses down onto Stephen feeling the hot skin of her chest pressing against his. As the raise and fall of his chest began to slow down Patty lifted her head to look into Stephens eyes.
That was incredible! Patty said.
Stephen leaned forward and kissed Patty gently on the forehead.
Consider that your wedding present. Stephen answered.
How did you know I was getting married? Patty asked.
I am a gift from Greg with Debbis help. He thought you needed to relax. Stephen answered.
Patty could not believe her ears. She would have to find an equaling special gift for Greg.